The pet bed: re-invented and designed for small dogs XS size and cats

First we present the dog version. Breeds such as Mini Pinscher, Chihuahua, Toy poodle, Pomeranian and the like feel good in it.





What does it look like?

We used as a basis the standard bed with four rectangular wall cushions, with a larger one on the bottom where the animal lies. Here’s how we modified this construction:

What are the differences?

It is higher than standard pet beds. The trapezoidal shape of the pillows closes the upper part of the space creating higher walls,  allowing the animal to feel cozy and enclosed. The incline allows it to better tuck its paws between the pillows. These adaptations mean the bed is better at preserving the animal’s body temperature. This is crucial for our pets when they are searching for the most best place to sleep.


Why has it been made this way?

In fact, neither dogs nor cats need an ‘entrance’ to get into their beds. They are mobile enough to cope with a 10 – 12 inch (25 – 30 cm) high bar.

Because the bed is tall, with a slightly concave top, the bed can used in new ways:

Cats and dogs can rest their heads on the side recesses:


Or they can use the angles to support their heads on the inside:



This bed is for small dogs and cats, because large dogs require a different approach. The chosen fabric is thick but soft to the touch, two-sided and durable.

Hair doesn’t get stuck on it, and it’s easy to clean with a brush, a vacuum cleaner, or even with your hand.


Colors, patterns

Our damascus patterns have been specially designed for this bed. There are additional colors for each model that can be added. There are also single color variants.


Inner pillows

The inner pillows are filled with silicone granules. These are completely hygienic and are designed to fill a well-defined volume and return to their original state after being crushed.


Use over time

All pillows get dirty and have to be washed, and this goes double for pillows intended for animals. But a whole bed is too big to get into many home washing machines. Therefore, we have designed the bed to be broken down into parts that can be washed. The pillow-case opens via a zipper at the bottom. The inner pillows can be detached and washed. This way we won’t throw out good beds, we consume less, and we make less garbage.


Who the bed is for – sizes

The size of the bed fits most cats (we’ve tested up to 20 pounds/9 kg). For dogs, due to their posture and different musculature and skeletal system, only the smallest XS breeds up to 4.5-5.5 pounds/2-2.5 kg are well suited for our beds.

The most important thing

In the last two years, while making samples and variations of these beds, we have tested ready-made models with four dogs and four cats, some for long periods of time. They recognize it as a bed for them. Dogs get into it very quickly. Some cats need more time, but they find and use it. We are convinced that we have made a bed for them, for their needs, not just small human furniture or a mere fashion item. This was the most important thing for us and we hope that our efforts are enjoyed and well-used by animals and their owners.


When is it expected to be ready?

In the Fall of 2020


Where can it be purchased?

For now, the first beds will be featured on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we’ll send you a notification when we’re ready to sell to the public.

Design and Realization:
Eng. Velichka Kolcheva, Petar Tabov, Liliya Tatarova, Yasen Zgurovski, Rayna Atanasova,
Teodora Deyanova, Aleksandar Vlaev


  1. Shelly says:

    Love the design, very pretty & different. Are you going to make it in a bigger size? My cat is 20 lbs & long. He can stretch out to 36″.

  2. BB says:

    I would love to know more about the materials you intend to use. I am looking for organic, non-toxic materials due to health issues my cats are facing.

  3. Ashley Lechner says:

    this is stupid

    • tg says:

      So negative…just don’t reply. Why do you have to put crap comments out there? If you don’t like it then just move on. It’s really not necessary to try and make someone feel bad.

  4. Anne says:

    What tg said!

  5. BROOKE MORGAN says:

    this is really awesome , would love to also know what materials you plan to use ?

  6. Davis County says:

    I’m not using anything I see here

  7. CJ in Delaware, Ohio says:

    Very cool indeed! Interested in non toxic materials as well. Sending positive vibes for your product – keep the faith.

  8. Monica says:

    This looks great!!

  9. says:

    Your pet bed sounds great and I’m hoping it may alreaidy be on the market. I’d like to know more about the sizes in inches of the beds for small dogs.

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