Cat and Dog Bed – An Insight

Cats spend most of their lifetime sleeping, and small dogs need constantly a shelter. Observations like this encouraged us to improve the the design and functionality of one of the most popular types of dog and cat beds.

Cats spend most of their lifetime sleeping, and small dogs need constantly a shelter. Observations like this encouraged us to improve the existing alternatives for the popular cat and dog beds.  

The trapezoidal shape closes the upper part of the space and the higher situated walls enclose the animal. In that way it preserves animal’s body temperature better. This is crucial for all mammals when they seek a suitable place and conditions to be able to sleep.



When creating items intended for animals, the material properties and the experience of working with them are used, but different ergonomics than that for humans is served and a different outcome is sought.


In fact, neither dogs nor cats need an ‘entrance’ to get into the bed. They are mobile enough to cope with a 10 – 12 inch (25 – 30 cm) high bar. The high and slightly concave walls build another kind of ergonomics when using the bed.



Textile is a material, which prefers rounded shapes. When choosing fillings of silicon granules, the inner pillows entirely replenish the volume available. The outer cut follows their line. “You need many samples and corrections to clean up the shapes until the idea reaches the expected result”, according to Velichka Kolcheva, who is a qualified textile designer with long experience of designing various products.


“The decision on the materials to be used, particularly the choice of a damask for an item that is intended for animals, is a key task and challenge. We were looking for a fabric that is resistant to external influences and is thick but soft. All embossed textures, which may contribute to hair jamming, are dubious when choosing a damask for dogs and cats”, Liliya Tatarova explained. She is into fabric experimenting and testing while working at an interior design studio and collecting feedback from pet owners.



Clean colors are sometimes sought, but occasionally they’re not enough. The damask print is developed in several patterns. Here are some of them:


All pillows get dirty and must be washed and this is more often the case for pillows intended for animals. If the size isn’t compromised, a whole bed is too big to get into a home washing machine. The pillow-case gets open via a zipper at the bottom. The inner pillows get detached and can be washed. So, you won’t throw out beds in good condition.


Design and Realization:

Eng. Velichka Kolcheva, Petar Tabov, Liliya Tatarova, Yasen Zgurovski, Rayna Atanasova, Teodora Deyanova, Aleksandar Vlaev, Youliana Cherneva


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