Mission and Goals

Animals That Lives in Our Homes


Our goal is to improve the indoor environment for pet keeping. Sometimes, it only takes a little effort to get a higher quality of life of our pets.  

Without forgetting the homeless animals, we focus our attention on those ones who we keep indoors. Living together with animals requires proper understanding of them, the right attitude toward them and providing an optimum living environment for them. We work towards:


  • Improving the living conditions and building up an indoor environment that is tailored to the natural animal functions.
  • Promoting causes of the proper attitude toward animals and pet keeping by joining forces of artists, scientists, journalists, veterinarians etc.  
  • Sharing knowledge and experience, raising the cultural level, establishing useful practices and presenting innovations for indoor pet keeping and cohabitation between humans and animals.
  • Supporting skilled artists who are focused on design and ecology and engaged with works of product and industrial design, which improve the living environment of pets.
  • Boosting and propagating healthy eating practices and preserving the balance in nature.   





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