August 6, 2018

Why is That? Cat Behavior at Human Home

Cats are territorial animals and for domestic cats the territory falls in with the home that they inhabit. In addition to taking every inch of their territory as their own, cats need privacy and places, which belong only to them. They are social animals who seek the human company, as well as independent animals who need privacy, and sometimes they need to be self-sufficient.
August 6, 2018

How to Raise Healthy and Vital Chihuahua

I do the shopping twice a month and each time I get a whole chicken or a similar amount of that in separate parts. Normally it’s about 4 – 4,4 pounds (1,8 – 2 kg). I divide it in 13 – 15 daily portions of ca. 0,26 – 0,30 lbs (0,120 – 0,140 kg) each. The portions vary within 20 percent, depending on how he spent his day. If he ran and burned calories, he would eat more, and if he stayed at home, he would get then less food.
August 6, 2018

The pet bed: Evolved

Cats spend most of their lifetime sleeping, and small dogs need constantly a shelter. Observations like this encouraged us to improve the the design and functionality of one of the most popular types of dog and cat beds.
August 2, 2018

What Should You Know if You Live With Two Miniature Pinschers

My dogs get along well, but I think it would be better if both dogs are the same age. Yantra is still a little dog, she feels like playing and running outdoors and rolling on the whole day indoors. Since Bulgara is older, she quickly gets tired and wants to be left alone. If they would be the same age, they would share their activities and energy.


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